The impact of DVRs on TV ads

How many people record their favorite shows so they can watch them without the commercials?   Quite a few.   How many people use Netflix to see older episodes of their favorite shows without commercials?  Quite a number.   And now they are talking about giving you a DVR that eliminates commercials.

There are a couple of categories of programming that are less resistant to this.  #1 News shows.  News is current — you want to watch it right away.   #2 Sports.  Sports is also current — once you know the score, who cares.

Pinterest is pulling from different groups

On Monday I got an email from Nordstrom saying that I should follow them on Pinterest.   When I checked out the various options “Garden Wedding Ideas” showed 119 pins — the most of any on the page.

Later in the day I stopped at the library to check out yoga DVDs and discovered that the library is also into Pinterest.   They are having seminars for their staff about it and it appears that the library expects it to be an important service for their customers.

Just when it seems like we’ve figured out how to use one of these new internet media, a new one comes along to change our opinions and direction.